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Long Distance Movers

Long distance moves can be very stressful, as they require much more planning and organization than a typical local move.

At Moving Relocation Specialists, we understand the challenge it can be. We focus on long distance moves, providing highly-skilled movers, great customer service and a stress-free experience.

Since 2003, we’ve been helping families move anywhere in the country. We offer flexible and affordable interstate moving options to fit your needs. Whether you need:

  • Full-service moving across state lines
  • Cross-country moving services
  • Additional services, like packing and storing

At Moving Relocation Specialists:

  • We do all our work in-house.
  • We employ our own drivers, who are all top-rated drivers with Wheaton Worldwide Van Lines.
  • We try our best to haul every single one of our moves so you don’t have to worry about your possessions being passed to different drivers or trucks as they move throughout the country.
  • In the event we can’t haul your move on our own, as interstate agents with Wheaton Worldwide, we are part of a network of over 500 agents who can do so. If this is the case, we will always keep you up-to-date on where your belongings are.

Preparing for a long distance move can be hard, as you’re likely uprooting your whole life to make the move.

Moving Relocation Specialists can help. Our moving specialists can work with you to develop a moving plan that fits your schedule, timeline and needs.

There are things you can do before you begin the moving process that will make it easier for you when you arrive. What you can do to prepare for your move:

  • Set up the utilities at your new house and cancel them at your old house.
  • Change your address with your bank, insurance company, employer and Secretary of State.
  • While we can haul all your possessions, it’s best to keep sensitive documents, like passports, drivers licenses and birth certificate, with you so they don’t get misplaced.
  • Our trained packers can help you pack up your house, should you want their help. They then load our trucks carefully, ensuring to wrap and pad large, bulky items, before hitting the road.

We know the challenges and unique conditions that come into play when moving across state lines. We work with you to make sure you are kept up-to-date with the regulations and documents you may need when moving interstate.

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Warehouse Storage

At Moving Relocation Specialists, we realize the moving process can mean going through your possessions and finding some you may not want to take with you, but don’t want to part with.

Wherever your move is taking you, storage may be necessary for your items before your move. If you are not closing quickly on your new home, are waiting on construction or just need some extra space, we offer warehouse storage as part of our moving services.

Our warehouse storage space is 4,000 square feet, so no matter how much stuff you may need to store, we can guarantee we have space for it. Our solutions provide a safe and secure place for anything you need to store.

We minimally handle your boxes or crates, which leads to a low chance of damage to your possessions. We also offer trailer storage – we load your items onto a trailer and carefully store the entire trailer in our warehouse, so we don’t handle your items at all until you need them again. This ensures that your items will not be moved around and potentially damaged.

There are many advantages to warehouse storage as opposed to self-storage.

Security is a big plus, because your belongings will be stored in a secure warehouse rather than on its own in a self-storage facility, with a lock that might be easily broken.

We offer flexible storage plans and offer long-term and short-term options, so it doesn’t matter how long you need to store your items for, you can do so in our warehouse.

Our storage service prices can’t be beat. That’s because we operate with no overhead costs, so there are no upcharges or hidden fees for you.


It’s no secret that packing can be stressful – many people may think it’s the hardest part of moving. It can leave you flustered and exhausted, especially if you don’t know how to properly organize your belongings or know which kind of boxes are best for your things.

Our professionals at Moving Relocation Specialists are trained in packing and crating, so let us take the stress off your shoulders. The services we offer are:

  • Partial packing
  • Full packing
  • Unpacking
  • Custom-built crating and uncrating

Hiring professionals to help with your packing or crating needs will help you be more efficient, keep your belongings secure and could save you money in the long run – you don’t have to miss work to pack, and your belongings will not break so you don’t have to replace them.

Packing and crating is our specialty at Moving Relocation Specialists. We’re highly-rated within the field and rarely deal with damage claims. All our employees are trained in packing and crating things efficiently so they will not sustain damage or shift around.

Our family-based business means you can trust us. We know the value of safe packing and crating and we take the time and care with your possessions to ensure they come out of the crate exactly like they went in.

If you are interested in our packing and crating services, rest assured that we never overbook ourselves. We want to be available to take the time necessary to do the best job possible.

International Movers

Moving to a new country should be an exciting adventure, not a stressful headache. At Moving Relocation Specialists, we have a wealth of experience moving people internationally and can help you do so with ease.

If your life is taking you across the border or across the ocean, bring us and our 17 years of experience with you.

We’re experienced in handling international moves at Moving Relocation Specialists. We are Crown Relocations agents, meaning we have the ability to take your items and move them to over 200 locations in 50 countries.

We are licensed and insured, and know all of the paperwork required to move you internationally.

Our years of experience have taught us what to expect, so we can help you navigate local regulations on either side of the border as well as assist with customs clearance for your items.

We want to take the pressure off you to complete your move, so you can focus on the more important things – learning the customs, language and culture of your new home and settling in.

About Us

Moving Relocation Specialists was founded in 2003 by Mike Fetters, but he’s not new to the industry. His father began in the moving business over 60 years ago and his parents even owned their own moving company in California.

Mike has worked in moving almost his whole life. Moving Relocation Specialists was started in 2003 by Mike’s uncle and was based in Las Vegas. In 2009, Mike bought his uncle out and purchased all the moving equipment from him in order to take over the business.

Even today, Moving Relocation Specialists is a family operation. Many of the drivers with the company are family members, so you can rest assured that they care about your job and work hard to earn your trust.

Moving Relocation Specialists has been with Wheaton Worldwide Van Lines since the beginning of the business.

Our customers continue to come back to Moving Relocation Specialists for their moving needs because of the high standard of service Moving Relocation Specialists gave them.

There is no bait and switch pricing with Moving Relocation Specialists – what we quote you is what we will charge you. There are no hidden hauling or unloading fees, so you get the best prices possible for the services you need. Moving Relocation Specialists prides themselves on having clear contract language, not leaving anything up to interpretation and having no fine print.

The movers at Moving Relocation Specialists are honest, trustworthy and believe in their ability to complete your move.

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